Which GPU is Better Mali or Adreno?

Adreno Versus Mali Graphic processor Unit

Adreno and Mali both graphic cards mostly used in the mobile devices. No doubt both have their own limitations and advantages. These are two different GPU companies. The people may think about the little about the graphic cards when they buy new phone because it will give better video and graphic experience to your device.

So before we compare lets discuss why GPU is required in the smartphone devices?

The mobile devices or smartphones are the essential part of life in these days most of people wants to do internet surfing, video recording, music on smartphones that’s why it will become our close friend. In the older devices the CPU do two works like process applications (instructions) and Graphics? For the multitasking purposes the CPU alone become over busy and in results it slows down overall performance of device. So then the engineer’s works on the graphic chips which are embedded with CPU chips for processing the graphics alternatively. It lower down burden of CPU and hence increase the performance of the smartphones.

Now let’s compare the Two GPU in mostly used in real time devices.

Now if we see the difference between these two GPU’s that is Brand name. In the purpose of performance let’s compare the features of these two graphic cards. Mali is developed by ARM and Adreno by snapdragon.

Here are comparisons of Mali 400 and Adreno 320:

  Mali 400MP on Samsung S3 Adreno320 on LG Optimus G
Max GPU Cores 4 4
L1 Cache (I/D) (32KB / 32KB) per core (16KB / 16KB) per core
L2 Cache 8KB – 256KB 2 MB
OpenGL ES 2.0 Version   for gaming, user interfaces and automotive dashboards and 1.1 Version for mobile phone user interfaces, personal navigation devices and web browsers. 1.1,2.0 1.1,2.0,EGL 1.3,Direct3D Mobile,SVGT 1.2,Direct Draw, Concurrent CPU, DSP, graphics and MDP,GDI
Open for 2D images ,fonts graphics 1.1 1.1
Power consumption Look for other alternatives Low power consumption option and longer battery life.
Games Support Supports only few 3D games Supports almost all 3D games
HDMI 1920×1080 QXGA/1080p
Max Frequency 600MHz, Single Core, 65nm Quad core up to 1.5 GHz, Dual-channel 533 MHz (8.5 GB/sec)

Adreno 320 graphic card is used in the LG optimus, Nokia Lumia 920 and Mali-400 in most of Samsung and Sony devices like xperia u and Galaxy S3

Both of the GPU have their own pros and cons but finally according to users experience Adreno 320 is little heavier than the Mali-400


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6 Responses to Which GPU is Better Mali or Adreno?

  1. Bidyut says:

    I think the Max Frequency for S3 is 600 MHz, not GHz.
    Although, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a 600 GHz device ;-)

  2. hadi says:

    hi tanks. this was very good. :-*

  3. Rakesh Parmar says:

    Andero 302 works well for HD games.

  4. heero says:

    hey thanks for this article this is very informative :)

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